Criminal Case – In Depth Review

It’s time for a new item! Tasha and I are madly addicted to playing iPhone / iPad games. From now on you will regularly nice games pass by. This time Tasha kicks off with a very nice looking game and think “Criminal Case.”

For some time I am extremely addicted to the game Criminal Case. This is a search and find a game about his detective and solve murders. The game was initially launched on Facebook in 2012. Because of the great success that knows the game, there is an iOS app launched in 2014 and an Android version in 2015. At present, the game more than ten million users iOS and Android. Facebook even more than 46 million! In 2013 this was the best game with the winning award Game of the Year
Criminal case: the detective game of 2015!

As a player, you are employed as a detective to solve murders. Through the search for clues in crime scenes, the pieces fall into place, and you’re the hero of the story! But, beware! It’s simple at first, but you will experience as the game progresses. This also means that your cases are complicated.

While searching crime scenes, you earn stars. In fact there are different Criminal Case Hack which will lead to finding more stars. These stars, you need to examine your clues. This is done using examining and analyzing evidence and interviewing suspects. Additionally, you can also perform autopsies to examine the corpse. After you have thoroughly considered all of this is up to you to identify the killer!


The property is set in a fictional police station in America. The game starts with a rookie cop – the player – who goes looking for a job at “The Grim Borough Police Department. You enter your name here that will be used throughout the game. You get a partner Inspector Jones granted that you will support and help in every case that you Chief you dishes out.

How to play the game?

Sounds already interesting enough to consider taking a look at the game itself? I leave you to share some key features where you can make it continuous and will also be important to be able to play the game properly. You want, of course, can successfully convert every crook and murderer locked, right?

You start by choosing your avatar! Make some fun of; you have to leave a good impression on your first conversation with your chief.
Then your adventure begins. On the map below you can see the city that will fall under your supervision: Grim Borough. Each case has its chapter, and each chapter has different crime scenes. In every crime scene, you’ll find the clues that you need to get to work. The evidence you should look. So you need to look for real. The topics and materials you seek are blocked or sometimes very obvious. To you to do this in a record time and score bonus points with your partner!

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